Uper : Customization of highway photovoltaic power station management creating a new benchmark for distributed energy management


Recently, Uper Energy undertook the O&M project of 6.07MW photovoltaic power plant from Jiangsu Spruce Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. The project involves four prefecture-level cities (Huai'an, Suqian, Xuzhou and Lianyungang) and covers 4 expressways and 20 highways. The toll station and 17 high-speed service areas have a total of 37 projects.

,Highway photovoltaic power plants are generally located in scattered areas with small capacit. These two factors increase the cost and difficulty of operation as well as maintenance management.

As the first domestic service provider to carry out the operation and maintenance of expressway power stations, Uper Energy has tailored the implementation plan of  photovoltaic power plants operation and maintenance services in a way that meets the specific requirements of that project. This relies on the core technology asset management platform and the current offline operation and maintenance. This includes service network, arrangement of operation and maintenance plan, regional management and comprehensive services for expressway power stations.

Besides daily inspections using a combination of “site + remote”, Uper Energy conducts monthly inspections of the power station and performs equipment warranty management. Through the “UniCare ” O&M platform, Uper Energy carries out stable and real-time data collection. This enables owners and investors to check the power generation status of their power stations anywhere anytime. They can analyze and alarm in real-time to prevent potential risks, which allow owners and investors to maintain and increase the value of their assets

Uper Energy is the world’s leading third-part power plant asset management service provider. As of 2018, Uper Energy has provided operation and maintenance services for 70 cities and nearly 2GW of photovoltaic power plants in China. It also has seven regional transportation management centers nationwide. In addition to this, their offline network and operation and maintenance partner teams operate in 28 provinces across the country.

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