Uper Luo Qunfang: New energy asset management service should reestablish a high-level ecosystem system which is people-oriented instead of “asset-oriented”


On September 16th, the 2018 Energy Ideas Conference was held in Hangzhou with the theme of “Variable and invariable.” The conference invited more than 500 top enterprises, experts and scholars together to discuss thoroughly about how to innovate and develop with “variable”, how the industry will transform and upgrade with “variable”, and how to improve quality and efficiency in “invariable” to constantly create value. As the world's leading third-party power plant asset management service provider, Uper New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Uper Energy”) proposed insights into “Variable and invariable” in terms of asset management in distributed energy.

China’s photovoltaic industry has come to an important period of transformation. It has shifted from a time of large-scale rushed development to an era where emphasis has been placed on increasing efficiency as well as promoting of orderly promoting development within the industry. The O&M industry of photovoltaic power plants has also gradually evolved from an era of extensive operation and maintenance to capitalized and shared economy era. With the evolution of the business model and owners’ increasing interests in system efficiency and the rate of return on investment. The operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants has increasingly become more important.

“The “change” of the excellent operation and maintenance is the continuous improvement of its service quality, and the “invariantly” provide service for the new energy asset holders.” Luo Qunfang said, “The service must be considerate, as we are in the service stage. The depth of service has been improved; the service is ultimately people-oriented, based on higher levels of customer interaction, mutual trust, and incentives to improve customer recommendation index and reputation. And on this basis forming a virtuous circle is the sustainable way."    

As a leading energy intelligent transportation management expert in China, Uper Energy is committed to providing innovative new energy, especially distributed asset management solutions and services. The current service network covers more than 28 provinces, 70 cities, and nearly 2GW of power plants in China. While providing operation and maintenance services in China,  Uper Energy is, at the same time, actively exploring overseas markets for O&M services such as India, Japan, Thailand, Netherlands, Australia, etc. In the next three years, the company’s operation and maintenance service volume is expected to exceed 15GW.

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